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F l e u r - D e - F e u
Saturday, January 29, 2011, 5:38 PM
For she who dreamed with eyes wide open,
Reality became mere notion
She lay curled in foetal position,
In the womb of a Utopia of personal cognition

Indifferent, languishing in this gilded cage,
The forsaken watched the other-world rage
A peaceful existence she led in this entrapment,
These self-inflicted confines of detachment

Until something in her world went amiss
She yearned for warmth, longed for a kiss
A dozen winters passed, many a spring sprung
Still she ached to dance, catch a snowflake on her tongue

Smothered by a fabric of her own construct
Asphyxiated, she started to self-destruct
Questioning the change she’d begun to affect,
Delving inwards, she began to introspect

She emerged wielding the sword for her redemption,
Rusty chains were slashed, arms freed from constriction
Breaking out of herself, fingers stretched to the sky
New wings were unfurled, it was time to fly.
©Akanksha Chauhan

By Yujimbo on deviantArt.com

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You Know Me
Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 6:02 PM

I am a godless heathen
That breathes the scent of death
With a voice like a pagan hymn
An amorphous existence
Shrouded in black robes of fear
A thousand full moons have waned
Into my silent eternal darkness
I have stalked you since your birth
Peering into my satanic scry
Courtesy: Zencefilruhu on deviantArt.com
I have seen the travails of life
Batter a soul that once exuded
The inexorable stench of joy
And when you abandoned hope
Unwittingly letting your guard down
To my stealthy subliminal attack
My sadistic being exalted
I slithered into your subconscious
Creeping under the crevices
Of a frail weathered mind
I probed the tendrils of your thought
And devouring the despair therein
I grew stronger and stronger
From the sinews of a troubled psyche
I fashioned gloom, wrought helplessness
You turned into my marionette!
Whimsically, I pulled some strings
And your knuckles whitened
Clutching the gun’s shiny metal
Index finger slowly pulled the trigger
BOOM! A scarlet spray of blood
My name is Suicide, and you my dear are
©Akanksha Chauhan (2011)

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For the times they are a-changin’...
Monday, January 3, 2011, 3:01 AM

To sum up 2010 in one word, I’d say volatile.

This year we were turned into unsuspecting guinea-pigs of some twisted science experiment. Hell yes, I could totally relate to the little furries as I watched my friends and I snatched out of our comfortable oblivion and thrust in the middle of a spinning wheel. Though we could sustain the torque to keep the wheel spinning i.e. live on, we were dizzied by the speed at which the pieces seemed to be falling apart even as the scientists smirked watching us suffer. Emotions seemed to explode in me like the exothermic reactions being carried out by those evil test tube-totting scientists. I endured.

This year brings with it a fresh promise. A reprieve from the clutches of those sadistic jailors is in the offing. The memories shall however linger, brought to the fore from time to time by clipped ears, a souvenir of the lab-rats’ unwanted sojourn. But at last we shall scamper free!

Hello, 2011!

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Twilight Shine Bright
Sunday, January 2, 2011, 4:56 PM

Sitting by twilight
With only a lone star in sight
She contemplates her fate 
And some doubts that refuse to abate

Flitting from the subconscious
To the conscious
Hazy recollections of unshed tears
And veiled fears

A face so impassive, once in a while
Is punctuated by half a smile
Reminiscing the days
Of careless laughter and wild ways

Locks as dark as a raven strewn so
To conceal a furrowed brow
And strange concoctions of emotion
Bubbling over an inferno of her own creation

Remnants of what has been
Lay hidden amid shadows, unseen
Staring at the moonlit awning overhead
Light brown eyes betray the unsaid
©Akanksha Chauhan (2009)

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My Angels
, 4:54 PM

We’ve all been told of immortal flying saints
Guardian angels some call them
Silent sentinels soaring unnoticed in our midst
I saw their picture today on a box of Christmas cookies and crème
And through a half-munched cookie thought
If truly someone out there is looking after me
Why do I still stumble? Why do I hurt?
If only we could abandon sanity and roam carefree
Complacent, knowing there would be somebody
To pick up the pieces after every fall
A comforting shoulder to lean on until
Once again we’d be able to stand and walk tall
This slight shadow of doubt soon left
Replaced by a glow exuding happiness that came
With the discovery of who my angels were
Sweetened by a smile, the leftover cookie hardly tasted the same
©Akanksha Chauhan (2009)

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, 4:46 PM
Clever concoctions of words were
Poured down the throats of the unwilling
Momentarily placating
Their articulate ripples finally faded
Leaving behind placid plane of reflection
And peaceful recollection
What then did the eloquent see?
Could they reason with their self?
Face a forlorn soul tucked in an icy shelf?
Trapped in an alien world
Individuality succumbed to need
The blackest day it was indeed
For the links were forged in blind furnace of dark
But how long can the shackles last
Incessantly assailed by the past?
Struggling wings will break free
Glorious ascensions of the esoteric
Will lift them high above the symbiotic.
©Akanksha Chauhan (2010)

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