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F l e u r - D e - F e u
Come home, little soul...
Wednesday, September 2, 2015, 1:14 AM
Come home, little soul
You have wandered too far
In the fields of longing for what was never yours
Like that wild flower you once found
Resting pretty atop a grave of severed hearts

Desire is a sly temptress
Shedding skins with the seasons
While solitude grew like vines
Entwining fingers that wouldn't grasp
Your static cling that drew me in
From the moment we touched

Come home, little soul
Standing transfixed on the cliff’s edge
You mistook a forest fire for the sun
And it seared away your insides
Till I salvaged you at dusk

Trembling at the murky depths
Of your wistful brown eyes
They drifted towards new shores
But I waded into the waters
Behind the curtain of the waterfall
To find a glimmering valley of stars

Come home, little soul
Love fades invisible to your gaze
Watching you stumble through the thorns
I bleed tears as they cut you down
Don’t you know your way home?
Don’t you know me by now?

© Akanksha Chauhan
Illustration by: Raphael Vicenzi

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