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F l e u r - D e - F e u
Only You
Thursday, September 6, 2012, 1:05 AM

Untwist those lips, dearest
You know that day I was far from my best
This unbecoming grimace
Sits sour on your pretty face
Believe me when I say I was in a daze
Honour this white pennant I raise
Starboard, a storm was ragin’
So abandon ship on the war you’re a-wagin’
What I want is to erase every trace
If I could I’d blow it all into outer space
Each piece, every last inch of dust
I’d do it all to regain your trust
Sometimes I wish I could dissect
Disassemble and disable the effect
Of this vile organ that bursts at the seams
Playing requiem to fragile dreams
Your sudden silence cuts savagely
Biting my tongue, I shrug passively
Underneath this calm visage I don
I’m hurting more than I let on
Eyes betray as I turn to go
Like the drops of rain on your window
Tip tap down my cheek
Slither, slide, saltwater sleek
Then without a word you turn it all around
Sweep me away with hardly a sound
Lover, I feel pretty reckless tonight
How ‘bout a whirlwind kiss in the moonlight?
Shut-eyed, tip-toeing
I’m light as a feather, floating
With your arms around me
Your tender touch sets me free
Anxiously our tongues collide
Trapeze dancers in a mid-air glide
Love shudders like applause
As this delightful duet lingers to pause
This rollercoaster we’re on hurtles break-neck
So what, my love, if it’s bound to wreck?
Take me up high into the sky
If you trust in magic, together we’d fly
Come my love, don’t be blue
Can’t you see? It’s only you.

-Akanksha Chauhan

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